IT & Data Management Specialist


Job Description:

IT & Data Management Specialist is responsible for general IT solutions as well as creating and overseeing processes related to Company’s data management. The core of the job lays within effective, accurate and secure data management, starting from collection, through analysis, storage and finally security. Therefore, familiarity with variety of data bases and storage systems is very helpful (i.e.: Asana, Midadore, PowerBI, Tableau, Google Workspace Enterprise etc.).

Main tasks:

  • Selection of the best possible tools for data storage and sharing, network security, workflow/project management processes, reporting, internal communication
  • Acquisition of external IT systems providers
  • Monitoring and assuring proper cooperation with outsourced IT companies, supervision over their functioning and delivery of services
  • Implementation of data storage, security and other systems (including: mobile device management, account accesses and data verification, new security policies, e-banking services etc.)
  • Overseeing systems’ implementation (setting-up processes, conducting milestones, completing check-ups, verification of deadlines,  analysis of potential risks and threats, etc.)
  • Providing necessary training and introduction to new systems for staff including presentations, workshops and later on constant technical support/advisory


  • University degree in Economics, Business Engineering or IT
  • Experience in IT & data management (minimum 5 years)
  • Project Management skills and deep interest in workflow processes
  • Knowledge in the area of the data storage and security as well as MS Office
  • General IT knowledge and interests would be a great asset
  • Strong interpersonal and cooperation skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, self-drive and ability to work in fast growing organisation
  • Willingness and ability to learn fast
  • Fluency in Polish and English.
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