Project Manager - Science

Master's degree or EMBA
Everywhere, World

Job description:


Project Manager –Science’s main task is to control, oversee and support other members in implementing drug development process. Candidate will be responsible for delegating tasks, managing budget, scheduling goals and monitoring the progress.


Main tasks:

  • Preparation and supervision of projects regarding drug development process
  • Organizing, managing teams’ assignments
  • Providing check-ups on the correctness and quality of task execution
  • Monitoring the process of preparation and implementation of signed contracts
  • Maintaining information flow between relevant teams/departments related to the project and senior management
  • Developing long-term strategy for drug development (including: setting milestones, check-points, goals with deadlines, coordination of the schedule)
  • Making crucial decisions regarding project actions, potential risk and strategy adaptation
  • To reasonably manage and control resources (including: budget, time and size of teams) and report it
  • Providing smooth transitions between milestones and reporting it in dedicated programmes
  • Maintaining cooperation and effective communication with clients, providers and upper management
  • Sustaining good relationships among team members
  • Providing scientific mentoring and advisory



  • Master’s degree in economics or in molecular biology, pharmacology, biotechnology. Combination of both is highly desirable.
  • Approximately 1 year of project management experience (preferably in area related to drug development process)
  • Familiarity with clinical trial process.
  • Proven advanced level of English (at least B2)



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