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Proprietary topical vehicle facilitating better transdermal penetration of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs for all topical musculoskeletal pain indications, including OA and AR

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Pain treatment
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Clinical trail ready
Patent portfolio covering formulation, composition-of-matter and method- of-use patents diclofenac in major regions (>2034)

Project is focused on the development of new advanced topical and transdermal formulations of new therapeutic entities (NTEs) in the treatment of chronic and acute conditions where systemic side effects are a major concern. The companys’ patented formulation platform provides enhanced skin permeation, product light stability with minimal irritation and adverse effects.


Safe and effective therapies for acute and chronic pain nets major unmet medical needs. Company has applied its technology platform to the development of topical NSAIDs for the treatment of joint, and muscle pain as well as neuroinflammatory pain (migraine).


Current size of the US pain market is around 25 bn USD for acute and chronic pain.

Chronic pain is an unmet medical need because of the following factors:

  •   In the US 50 million adults have daily chronic pain.
  •   40% of chronic pain patients are prescribed opioids.
  •   Emerging ethical and legal push towards providing alternative, non-opioid, therapies.
  •   NSAIDs have shown to be as effective as opioids.
  •   Topical NSAIDs are safe and effective therapy for chronic pain.


Two-thirds of pain sufferers have “moderate” pain, which is the population most relevant for NSAIDs:

  •   The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a three-step ladder to guide physicians in the treatment of chronic pain
  •   When pain begins, the administration of drugs should start with non-opioids (non-narcotic analgesics and NSAIDs), then mild opioids (codeine), followed by stronger opioids (morphine) until the pain is fully managed.


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