Orphinic Scientific is a life science development platform creating innovative solutions for orphan diseases and other indications with significant unmet medical needs.

Our strengths

Strong team with track record

Orphinic's core scientific team consist of experts with over 20 years experience in clinical development processes and their commercialization.

Affiliated CRO

The company’s competencies in clinical stage development are further enforced through a collaboration with a large clinical CRO operating in the CEE region.

Artificial Intelligence

The company uses an advanced search tool powered by AI to actively look for projects worldwide.

We shorten time to the market - our core value lies in affiliated CRO and an outstanding knowledge of the CEE market

Time is the silver bullet 

Patient recruitment to trials for generic diseases in CEE is shorter than in Western Europe and the US
cut costs
Our affiliated CRO prioritises our clinical trials, which allows us to shorten clinical development by approx. 2 years

Central Eastern Europe represents the most attractive region for patient recruitment for two main reasons:

Speed of recruitiment
CEE countires have a unique healthcare system where patients with rare diseases are concentrated in a few academic centers across the countries
Data quality
With population of c. 300m people, CEE constitutes a large pool of data compliant with GCP standards