The pipeline

Orphinic Scientific connects researchers with experienced Project Managers, gives access to capital and provides drug development expertise.
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Crucial steps we take

Project sourcing

  • Developed global network at the most prestigious Universities and Accelerators enables us to source the most promising undertakings
  • We source projects in our fields of expertise and cooperate with external consultants
  • By providing know-how, we usually invest in projects at significant discount

Project management

  • We invest in a single-product companies through SPV mechanisms with Orphinic Scientific as parent entity
  • We serve as know-how experts with successful track record in running clinical trials
  • We cooperate with an associated CRO which prioritizes our projects
  • We provide access to the capital for clinical phases
  • Our team prepares documentation and necessary materials to receive grants and nondilutive funding
  • We intend to terminate projects quickly if their hypothesis is not supported


  • After successful Phase I/II we seek to exit the investment targeting Big Pharma companies
  • We have experience in negotiating exit terms including exclusivity period, royalties, upfront payments and milestones

… and a strong pre-clinical pipeline driving long-term value

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