Associate Financial Modelling and Stock Market


Job description:


Associate Modelling Valuation (or Associate Financial Modelling and Stock Market) is responsible for the process of introducing securities issued by the company to exchange trading, and later on takes care of stock value on the market. This is related to the preparation of the prospectus and conducting formal proceedings before an institution that allow companies to exchange trading, handling every IPO process stage and preparing valuation reports for all current projects in the portfolio. He is also specialised in stock risk forecasting and analysis. Moreover this position demands economical and business strategy expertise as Associate is responsible for the preparation of projects and portfolio companies financial models and financial statements in cooperation with related departments.


Main tasks:


  • Prepares valuations for the portfolio and pipeline projects of the company
  • Prepares financial model for the company
  • Coordinates financial statements of the company with accounting
  • Identification of threats related to conducted projects
  • Assessment of the adequacy and quality of security measures applied in case of the exposure to threats
  • Completing all flotation stages (pre IPO, IPO, merger process)
  • Overseeing the process of valuation before the company's securities are introduced to the stock exchange
  • Coordinate the development of a plan to optimize relationships between shareholders and the company
  • Preparation of the prospectus
  • Coordinating meetings and representing the company in contacts with capital market institutions
  • Support for managers responsible for internal control in the company and cooperation with external auditors.



  • University degree in economics
  • Knowledge of the functioning of the securities market, liquidity management, company valuation and financial reporting
  • Experience in Corporate Finance – around 1 year
  • Experience in all stages of IPO and at least 2-3 finalized deals
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