Orphinic Scientific joined the Bioinmed association

"Orphinic Scientific, being one of the largest players in this market, happily accepted the invitation to Bioinmed. We join the association's work because we want to take part in discussions with the state administration on regulations and creating conditions for the development of the entire industry" - says dr. Adam Kruszewski, CEO of Orphinic Scientific.

"The development of the biopharmaceutical sector should become the apple of the eye of the new government, because its development may become an element of Poland's competitive advantage in the near future. It is worth noting that in the previous decade, significant EU funds were allocated to support knowledge-based industries, and it is on know-how, the most valuable resource of the 21st century, that the development of Orphinic, but also of other Bioinmed members, is based - adds dr. Kruszewski.

The biopharmaceutical holding Orphinic Scientific is currently developing over 10 innovative products - pharmaceutical and medtech. These include: Tramag, an opioid analgesic that will significantly reduce the side effects of long-term use of this type of drugs, or Ambulero - a gene therapy that is intended to help people suffering from Bürger's disease (thromboangiitis obliterans).

"Bioinmed will give us the opportunity to present ourselves not only in Poland, but also internationally, because our products should soon start competing on the global pharmaceutical market" - says dr. Artur Plonowski, Chief Medical Officer at Orphinic Scientific and president of VASA Therapeutics Inc., the largest company in Orphinic portfolio.

"I am glad that we have become a member of the Association, which works to strengthen cooperation between industry and the scientific community, which should soon result in the registration of innovative drugs based on patents from Polish universities. We are proud that the "dossier" of the first such drug is already in the Polish registration office, which is part of EMA (European Medical Agency)" - added Prof. Jaroslaw Leszczyszyn, Chief Scientific Officer at Orphinic Scientific.

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