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 Orphinic Scientific is a biotech holding which builds value through innovative clinical development process. 

Orphinic was founded in 2019 as  a portfolio platform creating innovative solutions for orphan diseases and other indications with significant unmet medical needs in clinical trial phase (Therapeutics, MedTech and eHealth).


We aim to support the life science development ecosystem by providing early stage companies the necessary support in project management, with a focus on clincal trials support mechanisms.

Are you at pre-clinical development stage and looking to go into clinical trials in the next 1-2 years? We can support you throughout this process and provide you witht he necessary expertise to remarkably increase your chances of success.

Did you know that only 63.2% of ne therapeutics make past Phase I and only 9.6% get approved? There are many factors that influence these statistics, like: clinical trial protocols, end-points or access to patients. Our experts with 20+ years of experiance and project managers will provide you with the necessary support.

Orphinic Scientific has an associated CRO in the CEE wich enables us to recriut patients faster, and provides top quality services for all the projects we are involved reducing the time to market.


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